Good Food Rated by Real People

The Quest For Good Food

Whether locally or traveling with my wonderful husband,  I am always on the hunt for great restaurants and  good food experiences.  I know we can't be the only ones who on the weekend ask each other "where do you want to go" or "what do you want to eat tonight", and it winds up being the same ole places as my husband doesn't like to travel out of his 2-5 mile radius from our home-especially in L.A. traffic.  This is why we created this website.  To give real pictures and real accounts of restaurants we visit not just menus and biased and misleading internet photography.

It really started years ago but on our latest outing my husband took a photo of my meal and on our way home we came up with the idea of sharing our eating experiences with everyone who is interested.  I am a very picky eater and have no problems telling it like it is so I hope anyone who reads this will benefit from my tastebuds.  

My travels have taken me to many famous and sometimes out of the way cities in this country , mostly in California such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Pedro, San Luis Obispo, Long Beach, and many others.   I am not a professional food critic just a real person offering a real review of the food I have tasted.


The goal of this site is to help those that are looking for the same good food experiences and are afraid of getting roped into a "tourist trap" or lured into a bad restaurant by a misleading advertisement or recommendation.  The Restaurants showcased on this website have all been personally sampled and both the good and the bad are included in each review.   Whether you are looking for a good burger, a formal restaurant, or just a quick bite, I try to offer my experience.  It is my hope and desire that the visitors to my webpages will take the information and use it to make good food choices, pass it along to others and share your experiences with me so that I can help others avoid bad food experiences. 

Some of my newest additions to the culinary adventures recorded on this site include, fish, mexican restaurants, burgers, steaks and steakhouses and a couple other bistro selections thrown in for good measure.

bon 'appetite